Cynthia Morgan Reportedly Owes 3.584 Million Naira In Tax

Cynthia Morgan Reportedly Owes 3.584 Million Naira In Tax
The first time the public hears about reggae star, Cynthia Morgan again after she dropped out of the music scene isn’t on the best of notes.

The ”German Juice” singer is reportedly owing money.

Sources indicate that she is reportedly being sued over tax evasion and is owing rent.

According to reports, there are court documents that show Morgan has been charged to the Ikeja High Court over her failure to pay her rent at her Omole apartment.

She has also been reportedly served court papers for tax evasion.

The singer is believed to owe 1.3 million in outstanding house rent, and was also served court papers for not paying up to N3.584m in tax.

According to the source, the singer’s brother has been pleading with the owner of the apartment for more time and leniency.

“Ever since she moved into the apartment as a tenant, the owner of the building has described her as a nightmare.

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“At a point, the owner of the house didn’t even know who was staying in the flat because every day, new faces showed up at the apartment and they would leave the gate open at odd hours.

“Young scary looking boys with different hair colours come around and they smoke in the compound.

“They disturb the couple living in the flat upstairs, who have been complaining that they can’t even let their kids play in the compound because of the type of people they see around. 

“When the loud music became  too much, the owner of the house had to talk to her about it. She has been given quit notice. The six months grace period is up and she was meant to have moved out last month. She is flat broke” the source revealed.


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